Why Cavena?

Staff at Cavena has met hundreds of users and decision makers during the years. Our collective experience shows that there are a number of factors in play to succeed in broadcasting of subtitles. When we develop and sell our systems it is always with the following factors in mind.


1. On the air – up-time is the key

When playing a movie with missing or wrong subtitles your switchboard is bound to be overloaded with disappointed viewers.

Our surveys have shown that subtitling is essential to the viewers’ experience. This is why we have dependable systems with focus on redundancy. With our most secure systems we achieve 99,9% up-time which is something we take pride in delivering.


2. Flexibility – It’s your workflow

The broadcasting industry is technology driven. Most customer needs their own way in configuring systems and workflows but a new system is often fixed resulting in the users having to adapt to how new the system wants to set the processes instead of the new system adapting to the existing installation and organization. At Cavena we know Broadcasting and TV but also that every user needs to give their input to what is the optimum solution and workflow. That is why we develop and sell flexible systems. To let you have the final say.


3. User friendly

It’s the users’ impression in front of the work station that defines success.


We have tried hard to integrate user friendly interfaces in all our products combined with the ability to make all the necessary settings. The user will recognize the features in the product suite and find his orientation fast. This also has a positive effect on fast learning of the tool in order to swiftly be up and running.


4. A range of products for every need in subtitling

Broadcasting of subtitles have lots of requirements, some on a technical level, other on a workflow or language level. There are a number of languages, formats, system interfaces and stream formats to which the subtitling system must be compliant. At Cavena we strive to have a product for your every need and if we don’t we will develop and produce a solution to meet your requirements.


Why choose Cavena?

  • Cavena has a long history with subtitling. Sweden has had subtitling ever since TV started in the ‘50ies why we have an overall understanding of subtitling and its advantages.
  • Cavena has built subtitling systems for broadcasters and other users for the last 25 years and is dedicated to building functional and reliable subtitling systems for translators, translation facilities and broadcasters.
  • Cavena has a long history of building subtitles for DVB.
  • Cavena has a large number of references among well-known broadcasters all over the world using different configurations of the
  • Cavena subtitling systems.
  • Cavena is used by many Broadcasters for multi-channel, multi-lingual and multi-language subtitling. The largest system to date is
  • 40 channels, 3 languages each
  • Cavena has reputable distributors, capable of giving fast and efficient local service.
  • Cavena is 100 % Microsoft compatible.
  • All Cavena software is written in C++ and for Windows Server or Windows 7 platforms.
  • Cavena is prepared for other formats such as video over IP etc.
  • Through the addition of a suitable transmission protocol the Cavena system can be adopted for subtitle transmission with video over IP.
  • Cavena systems are cost efficient.
  • Cavena systems are software based and installed on standard PCs. Through constant development we strive to keep our interface
  • and hardware costs at a minimum providing methods for service and redundancy.
  • Cavena has interfaces to most video encoder manufacturers and station automation manufactures and is open to write/adopt intefaces if not existing today