Support solutions

Cavena products carry a one year warranty. Thereafter Cavena offers a support agreement. The support includes telephone and mail support, access to upgrade of programs through the Cavena download site, remote connection support, visits by support engineer.


In order to reduce the time spent on support a sophisticated support system has been built.


The first part is an advanced monitoring system designed into all Cavena products. All systems have detailed logging and at a press of a button all logs for a system is collected and zipped and made ready for mailing direct to Cavena support. If the system is connected to the web the log-file is immediately sent. If not the operator will have to move the file to a mail system.


Once the file together with an error report reaches Cavena the support engineers at Cavena can start working on the report.


If the customer allows we can connect directly to the customer system using VPN and assisting with settings or whatever is required.


If the error report is new to Cavena all settings from the logs are duplicated into our lab environment and we can start testing the system on a duplicate of the customer system. Our engineers will return a solution to the customer or in other case forward the outcome to our R&D team for further check-up.