STC – Subtitle Transmission Control

STC is the core of the subtitling system. It connects the various systems and automatically control these, without any operator intervention. On a single monitor it is possible to overview the complete subtitle system and many tasks can be resolved from the STC console. STC is the interface to the other systems such as the automation system.


Fully automated subtitle play-out

STC is a fully automated subtitle playout transmission control system for up to 24 channels. STC controls the play-out of subtitles for each channel through a Subtitle Transmission Unit, STU, which is multilingual play-out units for DVB, Teletext, In-vision etc. STC interfaces to SAM for automatic extraction of subtitle files from the archive. It also interfaces to most station automation systems and for those not yet interfaced Cavena will provide the protocol to the automation vendor. STC is capable of connecting to multiple automation systems.


Import playlist

STC can import playlist files in different formats from planning and scheduling systems like Focus, Mindport, Pilat and others. Alternatively STC can receive events from the automation interface. STC controls start/stop of subtitles for each channel, STC allows for subtitling also of interstitials. Redundancy switching of STU is fully automatic including set-up of correct configuration for the redundancy unit.


Monitor in a web browser

STC operators can override any channel at any time. Events can be started or stopped. Events can be added or even loaded straight from disk or network. Using the internal STC web server, monitoring of the subtitle system can take place from remote computers via network or modem. Any standard web browser can be used by a client to monitor status on all channels and interfaced systems, including logs.


System requirements

STC runs on Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2.