SE-Omneon Off-line Subtitle Insertion

SE-Omneon is a off-line subtitle inserter interfacing to the Omneon video server via IP. SE-Omneon injects subtitling tracks to video files on the Omneon server.


SE-Omnion off-line subtitle insertion

SE-Omneon builds a complete VBI or MXF-file that is separately ingested to the server. Both QuickTime .MOV and MXF files are supported. SE-Omneon reads the time code information from the video file in the server and synchronizes this with the time-code in the subtitle files loaded to correctly position the subtitles in the stored data. Multiple languages are supported in one track.


For .MOV files SE-Omneon creates a separate VBI track and rebuilds the .MOV file to include the VBI track. For MXF, VBI is supported in SD. For VANC both SD and HD is supported. OP-47 is used to create a VBI track in VANC.


SE-Omneon builds files to be stored in the Omneon proprietary format, on request Cavena can build systems with similar functionality vs other video servers.


System requirements

SE-Omneon is software only and runs under Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2.