SAM – Subtitle Archive and Management

SAM is the Archive Management for subtitle files. It functions as a filter for incoming files and will after a technical acceptance of the file store the file. SAM is a server of subtitle files for the subtitle transmission system.


Verifies and stores subtitle files

SAM has a dual functionality. The first is to store and retrieve the subtitle files. The second is that the SAM is a quality control that will test the subtitle files prior to accepting them for storage.


SAM is a database-based product to which subtitle files can be uploaded to a specific directory locally or via FTP or e-mail. SAM imports files automatically and includes a number of test functions to prevent bad files being accepted for transmission. Different file formats are accepted via automatic use of the Cavena Toolbox.


SAM also has a database with all information from the subtitle file info-page collected. This database can be queried using SQL and data for each translator and subtitle file can be found such as number of words / number of minutes / number of characters etc. This data can be used in systems for payment for subtitle translators, for example. SAM has interfaces to the Traffic system and to the Cavena Subtitle Transmission Controller, STC.


SAM can also communicate with program planning systems, taking unique ID’s and reporting back on available subtitle files. SAM also interfaces to Cavena STC and automatically extracts subtitle files from the archive.


System requirements

SAM runs on Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2.