S-Mux – Subtitle Multiplexer Software

S-MUX is a multiplexer software which combines data streams from several Subtitle Transmission Units, STUs, into one ASI output or IP Multicast. For multichannel STU installations with ASI interfaces, S-MUX lowers the ASI hardware cost.


S-Mux – Subtitle Multiplexer Software

S-MUX simplifies the failover function controlled from the Subtitle Transmission Controller, STC, by eliminating the ASI routing. All communication between STC, STU and S-MUX is TCP/IP.


ASI multiplexer for subtitle streams and IP Multicast.

  • Substantial cost savings for multichannel systems where ASI interfaces are required
  • Lowers costs for automatic fail over functionality for STUs
  • Built-in “choke” for optimisation of use of bandwidth, lowering the lowest possible bandwidth
  • STU connection using TCP/IP to transmit DVB subtitling
  • Separate PCR clock distribution to all STUs
  • Interfaces to all video encoder/multiplexers with ASI input and IP multicast.


System requirements

Runs under Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2.