S-Cue – Semi-live Subtitle Transmission

S-Cue is a manual Subtitle Transmission Unit for one channel. S-Cue can be used as stand alone for offline encoding or as part of a playout system where S-Cue is connected to the STU.


S-Cue handles all subtitle streams required on one TV channel. S-Cue is strictly a playout system and has no editing features. However S-Cue can record time code to files when the files are queued to air. The files can then be stored in SAM for later use with automatic subtitling, i.e. queue the subtitles the first time and playout automatically on the re-run.


The system can be controlled from the keyboard or using a cue handle, 2 buttons. All keyboard shortcuts are user configurable. Multiple language files can be played out simultaneously assuming the subtitle count is the same.


The operator can easily adjust appearance like color, vertical positions etc on the fly. This is done in the preview window, which can also be a separate transmission unit for a true preview. The attributes are recorded to file as they are transmitted.


A time code reader board is also required to enable recording of time code queue during manual transmission.


System requirements
S-Cue runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003/Server 2008.