Redundancy for subtitling systems

Due to the low level of acceptance of errors in subtitling from the audience, it is required to have a high MTBF, Cavena has achieved this by:


Having reliable products and still building an advanced redundancy system.


The redundancy for the Subtitle Archive and Management system is achieved by using one system for QC and acceptance of subtitles when arriving at the station and a second system in the transmission area servicing the transmission of subtitles. The second unit is automatically updated from the first unit.


The redundancy for Subtitle Transmission Control is 1 + 1 with both units running all the time and the system automatically selecting the main unit if it is in operation.


The redundancy for Subtitle Transmission Units is 1 + 1 or N +1 or a combination of those. If the 1 + 1 system is used then all commands directed to Main is automatically copied to the redundant unit and the two systems are fully operative in parallel. If the N + 1 solution is used then a faulty unit will cause the STC to select the redundant unit as a replacement. The STC will download the correct settings to the redundant STU and switch the video router so the correct time code is routed to the redundant STU.