Monitoring of subtitling systems

Cavena has two types of monitoring of subtitles.


Monitoring of the subtitles as transmitted:

This is achieved using the Cavena S-Eye that will receive the signal as transmitted and display all languages on the same VDU in order for the operator to spot eventual problems.


Monitoring of the performance of the subtitling system:

Each Cavena system has extensive logging and the logs will be automatically collected , compressed and made ready for transfer by mail to Cavena support at the click of a button. These logs allow Cavena engineers to quickly assess the situation and find the cause of eventual errors without having to travel to the site or to repeat the error since the problem was logged already when the problem appeared the first time.


The Cavena system supports SNMP for those customers wishing to use an SNMP monitoring system. The Cavena SNMP covers the functions of the Cavena system and the standard SNMP will cover the functions of the PC.