Archive and management

The Subtitle Archive and Management product (SAM) is made not only for storing subtitle files, but also for automating the flow of subtitle files into the archive and to automatically export files to the local network when required.


Subtitle files can be entered into SAM in three different ways a) manually by an operator who selects the file from the application b) automated via an import directory files can be copied to this directory over the network, including via FTP c) the third option is for SAM to act as a mail client to the customer mail server so that subtitle files can be e-mailed as attachments into SAM.


Regardless of the method a file enters SAM, some critical technical checks are made on the files before they are imported. Files that fail the technical checks will not be imported. Checks include things like time code verification (overlaps, too long/short etc.), file ID verifications against planning system lists including programme duration. Also verification of language codes in the file against the file name, minimum/maximum time code values to detect tape offsets etc.


Reports on errors in the files are sent back to the originator. This way there is a technical quality control that improves the quality of subtitle files that are allowed to be transmitted. This is not a full replacement of a manual quality control, but it allows


Broadcasters to put less work on checking files and also the supplier of files have an easier job verifying correctness when sending in files.


SAM also contains duplication functions so that two SAMs can be set-up to copy files from one to the other.


The archive can also be searched via SQL as SAM builds a database with information about all files.