Cavena, Screen and OOONA sign triparty agreement to co-operate on online subtitling tool

Picture from left: Gary Glover (MD of Screen Subtitling Systems), Wayne Garb (MD of OOONA), Henrik Moberg (MD of Cavena)

Subtitling technology power houses OOONA, Screen and Cavena have partnered to revolutionise online subtitle creation software.


Screen and Cavena who contribute already to the innovative OOONA online Subtitling Toolkit joined forces in a collaboration forged and announced at NAB to bring what they have labelled as a ‘Semipro’ application to the already globally used Online Toolkit.

OOONA who launched the portal set out to offer simple but effective online applications which require no setup and are quick and simple to learn how to use.


Managing Director of OOONA, Wayne Garb said: ‘We envisaged a space on the internet where translators and subtitlers could easily access suitable tools to quickly and effectively create and prepare subtitles anywhere with internet access, and without having to download any software.’


He added: ‘What also makes this offering unique, as far as we are aware is that we don’t believe in back engineering, so our files are the genuine article from the original vendors like Screen, Cavena and EZTitles; this means customers are very unlikely to encounter problems with their resultant files.’


With a good number of users so far signed up and already using the Online Subtitling Toolkit and many academic institutions adopting it, Garb expressed a market need for an online subtitling application which was positioned between the tools it already made available and premium professional software.


To achieve this cost-effectively and with the best possible results OOONA called upon partners Screen and Cavena to consider the possibility of working together to deliver its semi-professional offering. Screen’s Business Development Director, Keith Lucas said: ‘Broadcast IT is developing at an incredible rate and Screen believes there is an urgent requirement for this online product.’


‘Screen is delighted to be working with other industry innovators like OOONA and Cavena to create this application which I truly trust will be rapidly adopted by the subtitling fraternity.’


Henrik Moberg, Managing Director of Cavena adds: ‘Cavena is honoured to be part of this team and development, which we believe will be of benefit for all translators and especially if you are starting to work in this interesting and growing business.’


The price for the semi-professional application is still to be set but assurances have been made by the collaboration that the software will be appropriately affordable.


A delivery date will be announced shortly.


About Screen Subtitling Systems


Screen was founded as Screen Electronics by Laurie Atkin in 1976, and pioneered the first ever electronic subtitling system, providing the first digital character generator to the BBC. Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Screen continued to lead the market, developing a number of new subtitling technologies including fully automated transmission using timecode, the first PC based subtitle preparation system and the first multichannel, multi-language subtitling systems.


In 2001 Screen took subtitling technologies into the 21st Century with the Polistream transmission and Poliscript preparation products. In 2011 it diversified by acquiring SysMedia Ltd, a leader in the fields of subtitle preparation and interactive / teletext / connected TV content production and publishing systems.


Screen is now the number 1 provider of subtitling production and delivery systems in the world, and with its broader product portfolio now builds on that success with products that enhance broadcast content with valueadd information services across multiple platforms and devices.


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OOONA was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing professional management and production tools for the translation, captioning and subtitling industry. Among the founders of Ooona are Trans Titles, a leader in the translation industry and GPS Magic, which specializes in cost-effective and proactive information management systems.


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About Cavena


Cavena Image Products AB is a leading provider of subtitling and captioning systems with a global presence of systems operating 24/7. Cavena provides complete solutions for all subtitling needs, from digital preparation software to cost effective fully automated transmission systems. Easy and seamless integration with 3rd party automation systems. Output format for integration to all transmission formats: EIA-608/708 / DVB / ATSC / Teletext / In-vision / Multilingual / Multichannel / Terrestrial / Satellite / Cable / IPTV / OTT. New compact solution – save space / save energy / save money.


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